National 4-H Avian Bowl Contest

Think you know a lot about poultry? Why not test your knowledge in an avian bowl contest. The National Avian Bowl contest is modeled after other knowledge bowl contests, but has its own touch to make it unique. The avian bowl contest is a double-elimination game contest (that is, you have to loose twice, typically to different teams, before you are out of the contest). Contestants are challenged on material selected from the National Avian Bowl Manual. The material contains a comprehensive package of subject material for several species of poultry, food safety, physiology, nutrition, eggs, and other related subjects. Only specific sections of the manual are selected each year to be used to draw the questions from. These sections are posted on the national website and are updated each year.

The avian bowl manual is available from:

Clemson University, Bulletin Room – Room 82
96 Poole Agricultural Center
Clemson, SCĀ  29634-0129
Cost per packet is $15.00 (includes first class shipping)
(864) 656-3261 (phone); (864) 656-0742 (fax); Attn: Mick Smith
Make checks payable to Clemson University

The following link can be used to purchase National Avian Bowl manuals, using a credit card: When the Clemson Shopping pages comes up, enter Man161 (NO spaces between the alpha and numeric) in the Search Products Box.

Webinar: Coaching an avian bowl team


Dr. Jacquie Jacob
University of Kentucky