What is water evaporation?

Steam rising off the water.

Evaporation is a process where liquid turns into a gas. When water gains heat energy it changes to a gas. An increase in temperature speeds up the rate of evaporation. Water evaporates when it is boiled.

How does water evaporate?

What is a hydrogen bond?

Water has several special properties. A hydrogen bond is unusual because it can exist in its three different forms at the same temperature. The reason for many of water’s special properties, is the type of bond or attachment that is …

What is a watershed?

A watershed is the land that drains into a body of water. That is why it is also called a drainage basin. Runoff from rain and melting snow or ice flows over and through the land to collect in ponds, …

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What is water?

Water molecule details.

Water is a colorless and odorless substance found all over Earth. Water is made up of billions of molecules. Each molecule is made of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms held together by strong covalent bonds.  

Water is found …

What is a compound?

A chemical compound is a substance composed of two or more different elements chemically bonded together in a fixed proportion by mass. When a compound is formed from its components, a chemical change takes place through chemical reactions. Elements form …