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Welcome to the For Youth, For Life learning site for water. This learning area will help you understand what water is, why it is important, and how it is useful in our world. You will learn about water processes, explore your water resources, water quality and the basic properties of water.
We often take water for granted. Turn on a faucet tap and the water appears. Do you ever think about how the water gets to you? As you admire the view of a river or lake, do you ever wonder how the water there and where it is going? Can you name important rivers and lakes in your community? Do you know your watershed address?
Explore through the lessons here to find out more about water and your local water resources. We hope you enjoy these learning experiences and that you will learn to be a good steward of your water.

Aqua Time Series, Learn by doing!

Bottle Hydrology
Sunshine in Our Lives
Wondrous Water Cycle
Water Makers

Did you know?

FAQ Index: Water
Water Trivia Facts
Water Ripples Quiz

Other Activities

The Incredible Journey
My Water Cycle Story
Hydrogen Bonding Project
Water Ripples Game
Water Footprint Calculator

Other Resources

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