What should you do if your birds have the flu?

Quarantine sign.There is no treatment for bird flu (avian influenza). If you think your flock has the bird flu you must let your local extension agent know. Your agent will then inform the state veterinarian who will test your flock for avian influenza. 

Once it is confirmed through lab tests that your flock has avian influenza, the flock will have to be killed to prevent them from spreading the flu to other people’s birds. You will be paid for the cost of the birds, and your area will be put in quarantine. That means new birds cannot be brought in until the area has been shown to be avian influenza free. That will require testing of other birds in the neighborhood to make sure no one else has sick birds.

You will be required to clean and disinfect your poultry house and be cleared by the state veterinarian’s office before you can bring in new birds.

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Dr. Jacquie Jacob
University of Kentucky