What is an entomologist?

Exhibit Termites Eat Your Home! produced by University of Florida outreach programs. Photo by Sarah Bernard

An entomologist is a scientist that studies insects and how they interact with their environment. Knowing how insects behave and interact with our world is essential in deciding how best to manage pests in agriculture as well as around commercial and residential structures. We also need to manage pests to protect ourselves from diseases spread by insect vectors. Understanding insects is additionally useful as it relates to promoting beneficial insects used in agriculture or for medical research.

Learn more about what an entomologist does and how to become one from Washington State University’s Entomology Department.

Did you know that the military has entomologists? They do all sorts of neat stuff to protect their citizens from dangerous insects! Check out this video made about U.S. Navy entomologists to learn more about interesting careers entomologists might get into.

Author: Sarah Bernard, M.S., Entomologist, University of Florida