What is a small-sized farm?

Small sized farm growing specialty crops
Image courtesy of USDA

A small-sized farm is one that earns less than 250 thousand dollars a year.  These farms are most often independent farms.  That means that they are worked by the families …

What is aquaculture?


Aquaculture facility in Leetown, WV (Image courtesy of USDA)                              Aquaculture facility in Leetown, WV (Image courtesy of USDA)                              

Aquaculture is the aquatic version of agriculture. There are currently more than 400 species of aquatic plants and animals used in the practice of aquaculture. These species are grown in

What is hay?

Fields of hay.

Hay is any grass that has been cut. It is often left to dry in the pasture in bales. The bales are stored in the loft or top area of a barn. If the bales are too big, farmers will …