What is a food chain?

Caterpillar on a branch.

A food chain shows how energy and nutrients are passed from one living thing to another. The food chain begins with a plant being eaten. Then an insect or animal eats the plant. Then another animal eats the insect or …

What is water evaporation?

Steam rising off the water.

Evaporation is a process where liquid turns into a gas. When water gains heat energy it changes to a gas. An increase in temperature speeds up the rate of evaporation. Water evaporates when it is boiled.

How does water evaporate?

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What are cattle?

Cattle grazing on pasture grass
Image courtesy of USDA


The word cattle refers to more than one cow.  Cattle are large animals that are raised for their meat and their milk.  Cattle that are raised for their meat are called …

What is astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of the night sky. It’s about what we can and cannot see each night as we look up to the stars. Astronomy is a natural science about natural things in space. People have looked into the

What is agronomy?

Hands and soil.

Agronomy is a branch of agriculture focused on the study of plants and soils and their environment. Agronomic science and technology are basic to sustaining the world’s food supply and a quality environment. People who work in the field of …