How to Keep a Money Diary

Where does all your money go? How much money do you spend each week?

Keeping track of all the money you get, spend, save, and give is a good idea and doesn’t have to be hard. It is an important skill for adult life that will be even more important when you have to plan for monthly expenses like rent or a mortgage, phone, food, health care, and other regular expenses.

Follow this link to the Money Diary. You can keep your diary information in a notebook or on your computer. Use the tracking system that works best for you. Try using a Money Diary for two weeks and then add up how much money you spent in the different spending categories.

Take the quiz to find out what kind of spender you are. 

Original content from Moneyville, University of Kentucky. Adapted for eXtension by Ruth Brock, Ph.D., Alabama Cooperative Extension, and Debra Kantor, Ph.D., University of Maine Extension.