4-H Learning Network – Mission and Vision


The mission of eXtension is to provide an Internet-based educational partnership of 1862 and 1890 institutions of the Land-Grant university system that help people improve their lives by providing access to objective research-based information and learning opportunities.

The mission of the 4-H Learning Network is to foster community and increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of content related to science, health, responsible living, and service among youth and to improve related knowledge, skills, and abilities for use in their lives and future careers.

The 4-H Learning Network (4HLnet) strives to support a web-based learning environment for youth that provides content from eXtension, Cooperative Extension, Land Grant Universities, and 4-H Youth Development which is an integral part of Cooperative Extension. 4HLnet encompasses a broad spectrum of content areas that focuses on the development of the learner in a broad manner as well. 4HLnet, as it becomes a youth oriented site, will engage youth in learning about science & technology, health, living responsibly, and serving others as a productive member of society. The learning environment is one of inquiry, exploration, and application with the “themes” providing a way to encompass many content areas.


The vision of eXtension is to help people improve their lives with information and education developed through learning partnerships and engagement and provide educational products and programs any time, any place, any format and on any internet ready device.

The 4-H Learning Network will strive to provide dynamic and engaging, non-formal learning experiences and current, research-based information in a variety of content areas through an online environment to:

  • Increase youth awareness, understanding and appreciation of science, health, responsible living and service
  • To assist youth in improving knowledge, skills, and abilities in the general content areas indicated for use in their lives and future careers

Land-grant university faculty, Extension professionals in various discipline areas including 4-H Youth Development, other education and technical professionals, adult and youth leaders and others collaboratively contribute to the CoP domains creating multiple online learning communities. Learners participate and contribute through an interactive process that is engaging and enhances the on-line learning environment.

Members of the 4-H Learning Network are in agreement with the vision of eXtension, which is also to provides access to information, 24/7/365 as needed by people to make decisions to improve their lives and has national shared strength with local customized focus.

They agree that the content within eXtension is dynamic and evolving and should complement and enhance the community-based Cooperative Extension System of the Land-Grant universities, while providing on-going linkages between Communities of Practice and Communities of Interest.

Members of the 4-H Learning Network also agree with the vision of eXtension to increase visibility of Cooperative Extension by reaching new audiences, expanding partnership opportunities, promoting collaborative development of Internet-based educational materials and minimizing duplication.