Eating Eggs From Your Own Hens

Young boy eating an egg.

Keeping a backyard chicken flock is a great way to produce eggs for your family. The eggs can be eaten just like any eggs you would purchase at the store. Most of the eggs you purchase in the store have a white shell. Many of the eggs produced in backyard flocks may be brown, or even green. The color of the eggs does not effect how they taste or how you can use them. Different breeds of chickens just lay different colored eggs. Most of the hens raised for selling eggs in the store are breeds that lay white-shelled eggs. Backyard flocks can use a variety of different breeds which can each lay a different color of egg-shell. Want to read more about chickens and their different colored egg shells? what Michigan State University Extension has to say. 

Whether you got your eggs from the store or from your own hens it is important to handle the eggs carefully. The eggs could have salmonella, a bacteria that can make you sick with diarrhea and other health problems. Getting sick with salmonella can really ruin your day! 

Different Chicken Breeds 

From an Acona, and to an Wyandottes, Oklahoma State has a fantastic list of different chicken breeds and their uses. Visit Oklahoma State’s list of chicken breeds and uses.


Dr. Jacquie Jacob
University of Kentucky