Energy comes in different forms — heat (thermal), light (radiant), mechanical, electrical, chemical, and nuclear energy. Energy is in everything. We use energy to do everything we do, from making a jump shot to baking our favorite cookies to sending

Grain Wagon

When a grain bin on the top of a grain combine is full a Grain Wagon drives up beside the combine. The boom on the side of the combine will put the grain from the bin into the wagon while …

Tractors in Agriculture

Tractors come in different sizes. Some tractors can even be programmed by the farmer to navigate perfectly straight lines and around obstacles when planting or harvesting a field of crops.

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4-H Learning Network as a CoP!

An eXtension Community of Practice (CoP) consists of individuals with an interest in learning as well as those interested in creating content in an online environment. As an eXtension CoP, the 4-H Learning Network” strategically supports learning for young …